A Modern API for Sports Data


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial?

You bet! Just send us an email.

Does the API support in-play odds?

No, pre-match odds only.

Which bookmakers are supported?

The API supports one white label odds source which is an aggregation and consolidation of data using our proprietary models.

Does the API have historical data?

The API does not support historical data. Results are available for five days following match start time. Historical data is available upon request for an additional charge per season.

Does the API support schedule data?

Schedule data is not supported. Only matches with odds are available.

What do HomeROT and AwayROT mean? What are rotation numbers?

Rotation numbers are assigned to particular teams all across North America to denote specific teams in specific sports in specific leagues for a specific date. It's a way for everyone to be talking about the same team. For example the Boston Red Sox on 6/11/2018 had a HomeRot (Home Rotation Number) of 910.